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Editor's Blog 22nd July 2015

DON’T ASK, DON’T get. We all need reminding from time to time – for example, that cash help with club projects may be available via the various lottery funds. Our news story on page 2 offers a prime instance, and well done to Rhos CBS for securing their grant. So if you’re getting fed up with your prehistoric show staging, well...

■ A godmother of mine was celebrated in our family for her favourite saying: “Get On With It!” I was reminded of the “GOWI spirit” when I read the advice on page 17 from veteran budgerigar showman Dave Herring to a nervous beginner. Experts on our pages offer abundant technical counsel on show preparation, and perhaps we forget, sometimes, that what counts more than anything is the bottle to get out there and stick your birds on the bench. If your attitude is right, you have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain, above all if you’ve never tried before. How refreshing Dave’s no-nonsense advice is: “Having first dipped my toe in the exhibition pool some 56 years ago, I can say: ‘Come on in – the water’s fine!’”

■ One club tradition I firmly approve of is the official annual society portrait. There’s an excellent example on page 21 from High Wycombe CBS, who picked an evening in May with a wellattended talk and fine weather to nip outside the hall, seat the ladies appropriately and arrange all present for a communal grin. Circumstances permitting, I think all clubs should do this. It makes a perfect image for the club website or newsletter. More than that, it’s a little bit of history, of fresh interest every year (and not only to tut over the increasing waistlines.) Some clubs have done it on and off for decades, and the collected portraits make a perfect display at anniversary events, for instance. It’s never too late to start a tradition... so if you haven’t done so yet, why not start one this year?

■ Ed’s Ad of the Week: “Bird cage. Wanted. Shape of Romany Caravan.” Love it! Can you help? See the advert on page 25.

■ Ed’s Quote of the Week: “The judge will be a surprise.” (Club Notice, page 21.) But what kind of surprise, I wonder? Have a good week – and may all your surprises be nice ones.

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