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Corporate responsibility is a contradiction in terms

Sometimes it’s very difficult to like or have any respect for human beings. This week we covered the story in the US where Scotts Miracle-Gro, a multi-million dollar chemical and bird feed company, saw fit to lace its wild bird seed with pesticides that were toxic to birds! If it wasn’t true, you couldn’t quite believe the evil of it.

 An £8m fine later and the company will no doubt move on and continue on its merry corporate way, run with a modus operandi that is purely dictated by profit. Such is the malaise of international corporate greed, which we have created and implicitly endorse. It’s as if the only consideration for many of us is making money.

The examples of this twisted logic are legion. Our cities would be better places with more bicycles and less cars – fact. Oh, but it would cost too much to business to remove the cars and build dedicated cycle lanes. I read yesterday, Tory MPs want to build on the green belt surrounding London in order to kick-start the construction industry in the South East. Don’t worry about the fact that future generations will be living in a morass of concrete.

Cold-hearted and self-serving short-term-ish is a blight on humanity, as was illustrated this week when a conspiracy of policemen, Tory MPs, right-wing journalists and Margaret Thatcher, sought to lie to and deceive the nation over what happened at Hillsborough in 1989. Never mind that people had died, never mind that hundreds of relatives were put through torment. What mattered to the folk in the conspiracy of the elites was that they saved their own skins and preserved their positions of power in our society. Stuff the rest of us.

These examples of wrong-doing show that us ordinary folk need to not only take an active interest in our societies at all times, but make sure we are as vociferous and determined to do the right thing, as these people are determined to enrich and look after themselves.

Hasta la vista...

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