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The wonders of technology

We did a story this week based around a video on the internet that showed incredible close-up images of birds feeding in California. Nothing particularly unusual in that, you might think, except these images were shot using an iPhone placed inside a bird feeder. It’s a remarkably simple idea and works a treat.

 Los Angeles inventor 28-year-old Bryson Lovett has designed a bird feeder that enables you to put your iPhone in the back of a sturdy wooden box and shoot great close-up footage of birds feeding, grosbeaks squabbling amongst themselves and hummingbirds jousting with wasps.

We’ve no idea whether the product will make its way to the UK although we’re sure Mr Lovett will make it available online. But what’s so fascinating about it is that it will enable all types of bird-lovers to shoot their own stunning back garden footage. In many ways it’s an advertisement for the phone, as the quality of image is spectacular. You can see not only the birds at close quarters, but an orange tree in mid-ground and then the rolling South California hills and a lake in the background. Terrific stuff. So check it out here


And talking of feeding, we also came across the fascinating story of redshanks in Scotland being helped to feed more effectively at night by hanging out in the bright lights of an oil refinery and a power station on the Firth of Forth. No doubt, conservationists will have mixed feelings about this particular piece of research and will be muttering to themselves about the unknown consequences of birds learning to feed more effectively by artificial light. In the meantime, the redshanks of Scotland will be flocking to the Firth of Forth for a prolonged and highly satisfying midnight feast!


Hasta la vista...

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