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Mourning a great

I never had the chance to meet canary legend John Scott before he died, but hearing past stories of him from officials at the Lizard Canary Association, the Canary Council and close friends made it clear that this man really did inspire the canary fancy. Mr Scott passed away last week at the age of 91. In this week’s issue you can read how he encouraged generations of lizard fanciers, find out why his clear cap lizard cock that won at the National Exhibition in 1994 is still talked about today and read a full obituary on this canary “great”.


A story that had me entertained for a good first part of last Thursday is the journey of 11 satellite-tagged woodcocks that are flying 4,000-miles back to Britain. Officials at the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust have set up a brilliant new feature called Woodcock Watch (www.woodcockwatch.com) where you can track the birds’ progress on an interactive map. Each bird has been given a nickname and my personal favourite has to be Speedy. Keep visiting the Woodcock Watch website to see how Speedy, Monkey, Busy, Pilot, Rose and the others are getting on.    

We’ve covered an interesting story that will make you question the intelligence of cavemen; researchers from the Gibraltar Museum explain their surprising findings, which show that Neanderthals harvested feathers from raptors and corvids to be used as symbolic ornaments. We speak to husband and wife team Frank and Mavis Dawson, who told me their shock at being presented with the Zebra Finch Society’s most prestigious award. Bill Oddie gets birdwatchers tweeting on social networking site Twitter and the BS announces a new sponsorship deal with Countrywide seed manufacturers.

If you get a spare five minutes, why not take a look at all of the entries from this year’s British Wildlife Photograph awards. Eight-year-old William Briggs’ stunning shot of a landing chaffinch was a winner in the Cage & Aviary Birds office, so look out for it on page 3. Visit: www.bwpawards.org

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