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Not a curtain ending

This week Malcolm Plumb, co-organiser of the All Variety Canary Show, called the Cage & Aviary Birds office to pass on the sad news that the January 2013 event has been cancelled. It seemed that this was a reluctant decision, but the organisers had no choice. As possible news headlines floated around my head, I couldn’t work out why it had come to this.

Throughout this year I’ve written countless stories on fanciers forming a new club, or the resurrection of a once historic club, so how could this popular, well-supported canary show have, as they say, bit the dust?
Malcolm quickly changed his tone. “But the upside is that we are in negotiation with a large community centre in Wisbech, who will let us have the hall at a reduced rate. And it means we can have the hall whenever we want, and even bring the show to early December.”

Hurray! This means the show will be right in the middle of the canary showing season and it’s more convenient for fanciers to attend. To know the ins and outs of this news story, read the aptly titled “The show will go on” in the November 21 issue.

A great story that also came our way this week was a female or immature kestrel, which landed on the shoulder of Carol Raffe as her and husband Max sailed the North Sea. It turns out that the kestrel’s five-hour pitstop may have saved its life. An executive of Suffolk Wildlife Trust, of which Carol is a member, said at the end of October thousands of birds died in the North Sea after accidently flying off course and becoming confused in the foggy conditions.

Two UK canary exhibitors made history this week by winning gold at the world’s third largest colour canary show, the Association of New Colour Canaries (VvNK), in Belgium. Proud owner of two gold medals, Simon Meredith, told me of his sheer excitement when his intensive and non-intensive red ivory whitewings were chosen the winners from a show that saw more than 7,500 canary exhibits. To mark this significant success, the Colour Canary Breeders Association (CCBA) will present the winning exhibitors with a plaque.

We find out how 21 rescued captive barn owls are getting on in their new enclosures at a Faversham rescue centre after their owner died of cancer, and see why the Year Three children at a school in Warwickshire could well be the hobby’s “new blood”.

Plus, the team have emerged into the festive season with seven great books available in our Christmas giveaway. From an audio song book to a detailed study on birds’ feathers; if you want to snap up one of these prizes get your entry slips into us before the competition ends on December 12.

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