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Pied-to-pied pairings: what’s your advice?

Risky business: some fanciers will avoid pairing pied to pied at all costs, whereas others use dominant pieds in their breeding programme to correct faults

IS THERE anything wrong with breeding two dominant pieds together? G.J., Gwynedd. 

Dave Herring, former Budgerigar Society president, replies: This is one of those questions which attracts a variety of answers, and in fact, it was one of the topics under discussion at a recent Northern BS Beginners day.

Although it is not a pairing that I’ve used, I do not exclude it as a possibility. But only select it if you have a particular reason to do it, whether this is to increase the number of birds you have of that variety, or to try to correct a problem with variety markings or faults. Chicks from a pied-to-pied mating will probably have a wide spectrum of markings.

It will then be up to you to judge which youngsters will be best paired to a non-pied to fulfil the plans you have for your stud. This may be something of a lottery if you only have a few breeding cages available. Otherwise, you may wish to use more of the youngsters to compare your results before continuing.

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