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Is it too late for my Fife pair to breed?

Late starters: D.P.’s Fife canaries have started to nest late in the summer. Is this OK?I’VE just got into keeping canaries as a bit of a hobby. Currently I’ve got five Fifes and two have decided to pair up and nest. I’ve removed them into a breeder cage to observe. I’ve provided a nest-pan and nesting material, and they have gone down to nest.

Is it too late in the year to try my luck at getting them to hatch a clutch? D.P., via Facebook.

Brian Keenan, chairman of Liverpool & District YCC, replies: As a pure hobbyist, I would say that your Fifes will probably still lay eggs and rear a nest of chicks in late summer. Providing they do not show any signs of breaking into a moult, they will probably raise the chicks without any difficulties. A lot will depend upon light quality as the onset of darker, shorter nights will trigger the birds to moult which could lead them to abandon their chicks. Having said that, I have a friend who has still had canaries in the nest in October and has reared them without any difficulties. So although it’s not necessarily advisable, it can certainly be done! Good luck if

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