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In the November 22 2017, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, perhaps the ultimate in crested birds, the exotic hoopoe is perfectly possible to breed in straightforward aviary conditions, reports German softbill expert THOMAS WENDT.



In news, we report that a successful trial of a new "Insight into judging" experience has encouraged the Lizard Canary Association to add this free workshop to its 2018 Classic open show and the devastating effects of trade in songbirds across Southeast Asia will be highlighted in a new two-year campaign to save iconic Asian species from extinction.


After BRIAN KEENAN wrote about a new floor covering that he tried out last month, he was bombarded with enquiries about this affordable and, apparently, very effective product. So did it match up to its early promise? Here is his measured assessment after further usage.

Pet classes are a great way to increase our appeal and provide lots of fun, says DAVE BROWN. So what makes a good pet class and how should the judge pick out the best pet?


Plus lots more, including budgies A-Z: the key terms from C up to F, diary: on the wrong side of the door, Calcium, the one dietary additive that your parrots can't thrive without, canaries, floor covering: that new solution and lizards: topical talking points. 









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