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Budgerigar Society instigates two-year deal for newcomers

The-BS-standA BRAND NEW membership deal to get more budgerigar keepers involved with the Budgerigar Society (BS) has launched.

For the first time, new members signing up after October 1, 2017 will only have to pay £27.50 for the initial year, plus a £7.50 one-off joining fee, and will then receive another year’s membership for free.

The deal was approved at the BS General Council (GC) meeting on April 22, following society administrator Grant Findlay’s proposal to chairman Maurice Roberts, vice-chairman Ghalib Al- Nasser and councillors Ronnie Simpson and Trevor Terheege at the budget committee meeting the previous month. The deal is open to all first-time joiners, including pet budgerigar owners and prospective exhibition budgerigar owners.

Mr Findlay explained: “The BS attracts about 400 new members each year and at the same time approximately the same number leave the hobby for numerous reasons. Many of those are members who have joined for one year and then just seem to disappear.

“It is hoped that the concept of offering a two-year membership deal might just keep these members in the hobby longer. This will apply to all new BS members, including juniors who already receive a discounted rate of 35 per cent of the normal adult membership rate.”

Also announced at the GC meeting was that the allowance the BS offers affiliated area societies will increase from £150 to £200 per annum

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