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YCC to make historic move back to Saltaire in 2018

Victoria-hall-insideTHE YORKSHIRE CANARY Club (YCC) is set to return to its “spiritual home” of Saltaire after a decade.

The prestigious Victoria Hall in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, is to host the club’s 2018 open show once again after a 10-year break. The last open show held in Saltaire was in 2008, but due to escalating hire costs the club was forced to find an alternative venue thereafter.

YCC publicity officer Brian Keenan told Cage & Aviary Birds: “The YCC has negotiated a deal to return to what many believe is our ‘spiritual home’ for the 2018 open show. We have monitored the Victoria Hall costs several times over the intervening years, knowing that our members continued to yearn for a return.”

The YCC’s fresh approach to show funding has made the move manageable. Mr Keenan added: “Now our members have what they want, and all they have to do is pay for it!”

The 2017 open show will continue to be held at Askham Bryan, outside York.

Mr Keenan said: “Askham Bryan provides everything we need in a show venue, but the overall costs associated with staying so close to York are prohibitive, particularly when considering that many are travelling from overseas to attend. We have listened to our members’ wishes, and have taken the opportunity to move back home.”

Victoria Hall has been booked by the YCC for 2019 and 2020 on a rolling contract. According to the YCC, continuity was one of the ‘must haves’, which the rolling contract guarantees.

Chairman Steve Edmond added: “Victoria Hall costs approximately twice what we have been accustomed to paying over the past decade or so, and there are several other ‘new’ costs associated with the move, which our members and exhibitors must understand.

“At our 2017 show, we will hold a meeting to discuss how funding for Victoria Hall will be raised, not only for 2018, but looking forward to the future. All exhibitors will get the chance to have their say – it is their show, it must pay for itself and not become a burden on our non-exhibiting members.”

Treasurer Keith Williams added: “Moving back to Victoria Hall is a bold move, but one which we believe will be fully supported by our members. Not only are we looking into financial matters, but we also need more members to step forward and undertake some share of responsibility.”

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