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Call for families to showcase pet birds at New Pitsligo show

095BUCHAN BIRD CLUB’S aim to encourage youth into the hobby will be put to the test next month at its first-ever pet bird show.

On June 4, at New Pitsligo, Aberdeenshire, children, families and pet-bird keepers are invited to bring along their birds, not to compete for points, but for a show-and-tell experience (see News, October 12, 2016).

There will be no traditional show titles, but rosettes will be presented to the winners of the following categories: most colourful, cutest, silliest, fluffiest, best talker, more likely to take home and public choice. The show will coincide with the club’s sales day.

Secretary Norman Robertson told Cage & Aviary Birds: “Our show is timely, as I have noted with interest over the past few months in this paper, the discussion of true juniors and getting young people involved in the fancy.

“We at the Buchan Bird Club are trying to get as many kids involved by making our June event as simple as possible. All bird folk are invited to bring along whatever birds they have, whether it be at home or in an aviary – all are welcome to get involved.”

Show manager Cheryl Harris came up with the categories. She said: “It’s all a bit of fun. We want families to come along with their pet bird, whether it be a budgie or a large parrot. Each cage will receive a number and will be put forward to the judges, who will be from the show committee.”

Members of the public will also be asked to vote for the best-in-show exhibit.

Ms Harris continued: “Everyone who attends will be given a slip to fill in naming their best bird or birds.”

During the event, the club also will host a raffle and silent auction.

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