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Northumberland extends welcome to Lizards

The-N-of-EGC-Team.-08-11-15.-L-to-R.-Back-row-Ian-Wright-Norman-Wallace-Lawrence-Thompson.-Front-row-Kevbin-McCallum-Rob-Wright-George-Thompson-Brian-Hudspeth-dave-RennisonTHE NORTH OF England Gloster Club (NofEGC) plans to add Lizard canary classes to its open show this year to further boost the old variety section.

For the past three years, the NofEGC show at Bomarsund, Northumberland, has incorporated an old varieties section. In 2016 there were eight different canary types on display in this section, in addition to the main Gloster canary show. This year, the club has decided to add classes for the oldest variety of canary – the Lizard.

The NofEGC hopes to receive patronage from the North East Lizard Canary Club, with the aim to have some good examples of this venerable breed on display.

Old Variety Canary Association (OVCA) secretary Kevin McCallum, along with NofEGC show secretary and judge Ian Wright, have been instrumental in promoting the old variety canary section.

Mr Wright told Cage & Aviary Birds: “We at the NofEGC are really happy to offer the dedicated fanciers who work hard on old and rare varieties of canaries another opportunity in the north of England to show off their beautiful birds. It also helps to improve our specialist Gloster show as a spectacle and we would like to invite anybody in the area interested in canaries to visit and have a look around.”

Mr McCallum added: “The OVCA felt that the Lizard canary, being the oldest domesticated type canary, could and should be included in a section alongside the other old varieties at the Gloster open show.

“I hope Lizard canary exhibitors from the area and further afield will enter a few birds. All who do attend will receive a friendly North-East welcome.”

Judges for the event will be Margaret Moore judging Glosters and Ian Wright, who has recently qualified as an OMJ, judging old variety canaries.

The show will be held on November 12 at Bomarsund Sports and Social Welfare Centre, Stakeford, Choppington, Northumberland NE62 5UD.

● To contact the OVCA secretary Kevin McCallum, tel: 01670 355 848.

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