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Thieves clear out kakariki breeder to the tune of £20,000

collageA SPECIALIST PARROT breeder from Dewsbury, Yorkshire, has had almost his entire collection of kakariki stolen in a premeditated raid.

More than 100 birds with a total value of about £20,000 were taken overnight between May 16-17. Private breeder Chris Kendrick and his wife Jayne woke the next morning to find their birdroom and aviaries had been broken into.

Mr Kendrick said: “Jayne walked in to a scene of pure devastation. Almost all of our kakariki had been taken, and many of the ones left had broken legs and wings.”

Sadly, Mr Kendrick had to euthanise some of the badly injured birds and he also lost a number of chicks whose parents had been taken.

It is believed that the birds were stolen to order, as the thieves targeted the most prized birds, including one pair valued at £3,000 and a single bird worth £4,000.

Many of the kakariki have unique coloration and distinctive markings. Birds taken included blues, cinnamons and creams, as well as pieds, splits and fallows.

“All that was left were a few yellows and greens that I tend to use as foster parents,” Mr Kendrick said.

The thieves gained access to the sheds by peeling back a wooden panel. To remove the birds, they smashed small holes in the windows. Mr Kendrick added: “They obviously had no regard for the welfare of the birds. I feel sick to my stomach when I think about where they are now – those birds are like family to us.”

Mr and Mrs Kendrick were so traumatised that he is thinking of giving up the hobby altogether.

He said: “I’ve been keeping and breeding birds for 25 years and I just don’t know if I can start all over again. To see such cruelty and devastation to my precious birds, I’m not sure if I can bounce back.”

A reward of £1,000 is being offered for information that leads to the safe return of the birds or a conviction of the criminals involved.

● If you have any information, please contact John Hayward at the National Theft Register on 01869 325 699 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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