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Thriving Irish Gloster club launches stand-alone show

MAINFOLLOWING AN EGM last month, the South of Ireland Gloster Association (SIGA) has decided to go it alone for its 2018 open show.

For the past three years, the club has been sharing a show with Kilkenny Show Bird Society (SBS), due to financial difficulties.

SIGA show secretary Shane Dwyer, who is also secretary of Kilkenny SBS, said: “SIGA held its own show for many years, but in 2015 we approached Kilkenny SBS to join forces, as we couldn’t afford to run it on our own. We are grateful to the society, as sharing this event has given us the opportunity to keep our own show going while we built up membership and funds. ”

At the recent EGM on May 13, club members voted to revive the stand-alone show next year and plan to hold it on October 27.

Mr Dwyer added: “There has been a big interest in Glosters here in Ireland and SIGA’s membership has doubled in the past two years. Kilkenny SBS has always had a good Gloster section in its own right and a lot of the members are involved with both clubs. We’ve just put a new committee in place and so we felt 2018 was the right time to hold our own show.”

A new committee (see box, right) has also been voted in. Treasurer John Whelton said: “The committee is a great mix of experienced and new members, both champion and novice exhibitors, which will combine well and get our show off to a good start in 2018.”

This year’s show on November 11-12 will still be held in partnership with Kilkenny SBS and the judge is Richard Lumley. SIGA has increased its membership fees to €30 (£26 approx) to help fund the 2018 show.

● For more information on either club, contact Mr Dwyer on tel: 083 141 7980 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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