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BS proposal: champions to compete for ultimate status

Class-51-Champion-AA-AV-recessive-pied-blue-series-cockTHE BUDGERIGAR SOCIETY (BS) is proposing to give extra showing incentives to champion exhibitors by introducing a top-level Premier Champion status.

From 2018, champions could compete under the new title, so long as they comply with the criteria set out by the BS General Council. The idea is to get existing champions who do not show on board and, in turn, increase entries at the Challenge Certificate (CC), area and BS Club Show as champions attempt to qualify as a Premier Champion.

The following criteria have been put forward:
1. The new name to be Premier Champion.
2. Applicants must be current champions, and have:
3. Benched a minimum of five exhibits (excluding sales class birds) at the BS Club Show at least once in the previous three years prior to application.
4. Benched a minimum of five exhibits (excluding sales class birds) at a minimum of one area society Show annually.
5. Benched a minimum of five exhibits ( exc luding sales class birds) at a minimum of two CC shows (bronze level and above, excluding the BS Club Show and area shows).
6. Won five owner-bred CC of a minimum value of one point each in the year before application.
Interested fanciers must apply in writing to the BS patronage administrator by January 31 each year to qualify for the status during that calendar year.

The BS welcomes constructive feedback on the proposal by letter only (by September 1) to 6 Toutie Street, Alyth, Blairgowrie, Perthshire PH11 8BP.


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