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Illegal trade in lorikeets spikes in Indonesia

Evidence-of-wildlife-smuggling-raids-2TWENTY-FIVE ILLEGALLY TRAPPED lories and lorikeets have been confiscated on an Indonesian island, days after government officials and conservation organisations met to tackle illegal trapping.

The meeting, held last month on Halmahera, North Maluku, Indonesia, was sponsored by the World Parrot Trust, based at Paradise Park, Hayle, Cornwall, and represented by Mehd Halaouate.

Government officials and representatives of conservation organisations had gathered to discuss ways to address the increasing illegal trade following the over-trapping of lories, especially the chattering lory, in the islands of North Maluku, Indonesia (see News, May 31).

Days later, on June 21, officials in Ternate – an island off the coast of Halmahera – confiscated 25 lories and lorikeets which had been illegally trapped.

Rosemary Low told Cage & Aviary Birds: “The 25 lories and lorikeets were caught by setting traps in feeding trees and using a tame lory to attract them. They had already been advertised on the internet: 20 red-flanked lorikeets at the equivalent of US$15.38 (approx £12) each and five violet necked lories at US$38 (approx £29) each.

“The photographs show the tiny lorikeets crammed together inside mesh, without food or water. The officials of KSDA (Office of Conservation and Natural Resources) seized these birds. ProFauna, an Indonesian NGO, assisted in this.”

A week previously, various lories and cockatoos had also been confiscated on Halmahera. Mr Halaouate will fly out to Halmahera to take these birds to the Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue and Education Centre and to show people there how to look after them.

Books by Rosemary Low, on lories and parrot nutrition – two of the latter kindly donated by Garden Feathers – will be available for their use.

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