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Folded society funds local bird community

owlFUNDS FROM THE recently dissolved Wigtownshire C&AB Society have been shared between two bird clubs and one wildlife rescue centre.

Last month, four remaining members of the Scottish society reluctantly agreed to dissolve it with effect from June 30, due to a terminal lack of active members.

Former chairman Robert Nawarauckas told Cage & Aviary Birds that the decision was not taken lightly: “With only two of us maintaining a stud of birds and the ladies (one of whom is our treasurer) helping leading up to the show, it was felt that it was a step too far trying to plan, organise and implement the event in future years.”

The remaining funds in the club’s bank account have been split between Dumfries & Galloway BS&CBA, Dalbeattie CBC and Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust in Beith, Ayrshire.

Mr Nawarauckas continued: “Suffice to say that all three received several hundred pounds and all have kindly acknowledged receipt of the funds donated.

“Our reasons for choosing these particular clubs are very simple: both Dumfries and Dalbeattie are our neighbouring clubs and the members and officials of both were always supportive and helpful.

“The wildlife rescue centre is totally dependent on donations and members of the club have used its services in the past.”

Gaynor Christie from the Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust said the money had arrived during the centre’s busiest ever spring and summer season. She explained: “We had 1,600 wildlife casualties admitted to the hospital during May and June. This included many nestlings, varying from robins, finches and tits, blackbirds and starlings, jackdaws, crows, tawny and barn owls, and lots of mallard and shelducklings.

“The donation will help with our food costs and enables us to give of these youngsters a second chance in the wild.”

Mr Nawarauckas added: “Our thanks and gratitude goes to all of the exhibitors who travelled from far and wide to support our club. In the words of Willie Peacock, champion breeder of budgerigars and BS judge: ‘RIP the biggest and best wee show in Scotland.’”

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