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FBL signals a possible first-breeding rush

Black-Masked-Cardinal Pair-22THE NUMBER OF different species bred by Foreign Bird League (FBL) members in 2016 has increased by 35 since 2015, and includes nine potential first breedings for members.

The results come from the FBL’s 2016 Breeding Record Scheme report, (recently released), which states species bred are up from 109 in 2015 to 144 for 2016.

The FBL council has recognised nine potential first breedings, and these have been put forward to a wider audience for membership approval. If ratified by the FBL council, members will then be invited to submit details of their achievement to the FBL’s magazine Foreign Birds.

The species in question are:

● Masked cardinal (Paroaria nigrogenis);

● Mottled owl (Ciccaba virgata);

● Heuglin’s robin-chat (Cossypha heuglini);

● Dusky turtle dove (Streptopelia lugens);

● Flame-coloured tanager (Piranga bidentata);

● Blue-throated conure (Pyrrhura cruentata)

● Mountain bamboo partridge (Bambusicola fytchii);

● Jackson’s golden-backed weaver (Ploceus jacksoni);

● Yellow-backed weaver (P. melanocephalus).

A total of 2,047 birds were bred during 2016, compared to 1,931 in 2015. Peter White, the FBL’s breeding records officer, said: “Thirty-nine returns were received from FBL members, but these were boosted slightly by five new breeders to the Breeding Record Scheme who sent in their breeding results for 2016.

“The increase of 116 birds bred in 2016 may not be a huge amount, but it is going in the right direction.”

Birds bred from different colour variations were also up to 376 from 21 different varieties (includes 165 Bengalese), compared to 17 varieties in 2015.

The 2016 Outstanding Breeding Award was won by member Adrian Youdell for breeding 39 birds of nine different species.

Derek Cotgrave, FBL publicity officer, said: “The council thanks all members for taking part in the scheme and congratulates Adrian on his success in what was a closely contested award. Members who wish to comment on this article should contact the secretary or the breeding records officer. Further details are in the Foreign Birds magazine.”

More information on the 2016 FBL Breeding Record Scheme will appear in Club News in a forthcoming issue.

● To have your say on the potential first breedings, contact the hon secretary Bryan Reed (01384 258 154) or breeding records officer Peter White (01392 469 543).

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