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North West zebra finch and canary clubs to share open show facilities

Secretary-Paul-Reay-left-and-Jim-Addison-a-gentleman-of-the-fancyTHREE CUMBRIAN BIRD clubs have joined forces to host their three independent open shows on the same date and venue.

The Scottish & Northern Counties ZFS (S&NCZFS) and Northern Gloster FCC (NGFCC) have held their open shows at the Harraby Community Centre on different days of the same weekend from 1994-2016. This year, they have found a new and improved venue at the Rockcliffe Centre in Carlisle.

“It was after I had found a new venue that I thought it would benefit more people if we changed our show date from Sunday to Saturday and both clubs run independent shows on the same day and place,” NGFCC show manager Paul Reay told Cage & Aviary Birds.

For the past three to four years the Northern Counties Scots Fancy Canary Club (NCSFCC) has also been holding its own show alongside the NGFCC open show on the Sunday.

Mr Reay continued: “Our members know the zebra finch guys well, and the NCSFCC members were happy to join together, too. If it means that all three clubs can continue, that can only be a good thing.”

Judges are Adam & Dougie Fleming for the zebra finches, Ian Mcllhatton and Robin Davies (of Northern Ireland) in the Gloster section and Ian Wright is the Scots fancy judge.

S&NCZFS secretary Phil Anthony added: “This is the first show of its kind to have three different clubs in one venue on the same day. The cost benefit is substantial, but it also means that it will be a bigger exhibition – drawing in more people and providing a better atmosphere.

“If this year is a remarkable success, then the hall will be booked on the same day for the following year.”

The three shows will take place on September 30 at the Rockcliffe Centre, Carlisle, Cumbria CA6 4AA.

● Schedules: for the S&NCZFS show, tel: 0191 416 5585; for the NGFCC show, tel: 01228 520 170; and for the NCSFCC show, tel: 01228 710 951.

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