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BS seeks members' feedback on proposed Premier Champion title

Champion-young-bird-section-copyTHE BUDGERIGAR SOCIETY (BS) is asking members to make their opinions known with immediate effect about its proposed Premier Champion title.

Following on from the announcement that the BS plans to give extra showing incentives to champion exhibitors by introducing a new ultimate Premier Champion title (see News, June 28), it is keen for its membership to get in touch in writing with feedback. If agreed, the title will be effective from the 2018 Club Show.

In his Welcome letter in the latest BS publication The Budgerigar, editor Terry Tuxford said: “Since we announced the details of the possibility of having the title of Premier Champion included within the structure of the BS, I have been listening to and also reading the discussions on social media and particularly the Exhibition Budgerigar Forum on this subject.”

The BS has made it clear that unless these comments, suggestions and ideas are received in writing from a member or group of members by September 1, 2017, then they will not be taken into consideration.

Mr Tuxford added: “The input will be used by the General Council [GC] to conclude their deliberations on Premier Champions and either go forward with the ideas as is, in a modified version and perhaps scrap it all together.” The BS seeks feedback in writing from members of all showing statuses.

Society administrator Grant Findlay said: “The reason for written submissions is that members tend to go on to forums, discuss at clubs, etc. However, for the GC to see their thoughts these need to be put in writing to the BS office.”

This will guarantee that members’ feedback is included on the agenda of the next GC meeting this autumn.

Mr Findlay continued: “The only slight confusion so far is that some members think that the proposed Premier Champion is a completely new status section, like beginner, novice, intermediate, etc. The Premier Champion will be within the existing champion status and is simply a way of recognising a champion who is showing and winning as per the proposed criteria.”

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