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Walsall CBS grant Siberian/Northern exhibits their own section from 2017

scheduleA NEW SIBERIAN & Northern section has been added to Walsall CBS’s annual open shows to replace a single class.

Officials say the eight-class section is an incentive to new and old fanciers to exhibit their Siberian/Northern birds. Previously, there was only one class for Siberian/ Northern exhibits, and this had been tagged onto the end of the British classification.

A post stating the club’s decision to omit the one class for a stand-alone Siberian/ Northern section has been viewed on its Facebook page almost 3,000 times.

“This shows that we have hit a hot topic,” said treasurer Simon Collins. “At previous shows, Walsall CBS used the same classification as four other local CBSes, but we now feel that it is time to raise the game because there are so many fanciers keeping and breeding Siberian birds, and their mules and hybrids.”

At last month’s meeting, it was agreed by all present to take Siberians/Northern exhibits out of the British section and create their own section in the classification, which will commence at the November 18 open show.

“Problems with the former classification kept cropping up,” said Mr Collins. “One year we had some Siberian bullfinches entered, but following the classification, these birds, along with Siberian goldfinches, were added to the end of the British classification.

“This was a mistake because both bullfinches and goldfinches are different subspecies to our native birds, and show vast differences in size and colour.”

In 2013, Walsall CBS and four local Midland clubs – Redditch CBS, Nuneaton CBS, Stratford-upon-Avon CBS and Sandwell AS – got together to unify a show classification for all varieties. The idea was to make it easy for all members of the five clubs to exhibit at each show. As the classification booklet was identical, each member was given their own copy by their respective club to keep hold of. This reduced further printing costs.

Mr Collins said: “It was decided to be called the UK Classification in hope that more surrounding clubs may take to the idea. But as each show year came and went, there were areas in the classification that needed to be changed slightly.”

Following a visit to a bird sale at Newark County Showground with members Brian Till and Kevin Moylan, Mr Collins said the need for a stand-alone Siberian section became apparent.He explained: “We could not believe the amount of Siberian bullfinches that were on offer.

“After this visit, and from seeing on Facebook the interest in Siberian goldfinches and bullfinches, we discussed the possibilities of creating our own Siberian/Northern classification.”

The new classification will be sent out to all prospective exhibitors, along with the UK Classification show schedule.

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