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Anna Temple wins 2017 AS award

flamingos11A KEEN AVICULTURIST who aspires to work in endangered species recovery and reintroductions has won an Avicultural Society (AS) funded place on a bird husbandry course in Jersey.

Twenty-one-yearold Anna Temple, Gateshead-born but living in Jarrow, will commence the five-day “Conservation breeding and husbandry of birds” workshop at Jersey’s Durrell Conservation Academy (DCA) in November. The opportunity was made possible by money left to the AS by the late Raymond Sawyer (see News, May 3).

Ms Temple told Cage & Aviary Birds she will undertake the workshop during her 12-month zookeeping internship at Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens, which starts next month.

Her aim is to specialise in Psittaciformes within her career, and to expand her experience with flamingos. But wildfowl are another favoured specialised group.

She said: “I know we’re not supposed to have favourites but mine is the eider [Somateria mollissima]. I’ve had its wooing call as my ringtone for five years! I have fond memories of summers spent as a Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust [WWT] volunteer with such characterful juveniles.”

Staff at Kirkley Hall have been supportive of Ms Temple’s scholarship application and success.

She said: “My manager is eager to hear about and implement what I’ll learn on the course into our work at Kirkley Hall. “The DCA’s workshop will expand my knowledge and skills in managing and breeding birds in captivity for conservation purposes, and I’m looking forward to working with more wildfowl and learning the modules on hand rearing and incubation techniques.”

Ms Temple has experience in hand-rearing following her involvement with a Chilean flamingo project run by WWT Washington. During 2013- 2014, she volunteered to helphand-rear 24 flamingo chicks and introduced them to the centre’s established adult flock, which had suffered from breeding failure.

AS chairman Nigel Hewston said: “The flamingo project was a success and Anna helped to ensure that the techniques developed were passed on and applied in other collections.

“The judging panel was impressed by her commitment and the way she has sought out and used opportunities to develop her expertise. This was Anna’s third scholarship application, and the AS is delighted to help her on her next step in fulfilling her aviculture dream.”

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