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Mongo creator plans East Mids visit for birds' debut

Red-black-mognosFRITZ HEILER, ONE of the mogno canary’s creators, will judge the East Midlands CCBA zone show to mark the variety’s first year on the UK show bench.

The new colour canary mutation gained its COM show standard earlier this year, and East Midlands CCBA is one of the first UK clubs to exhibit the birds.

The mogno is a new melanin mutation, which breeders say is a product of pairing opals and onyxes.

According to zone chairman Robert Braddock, only a handful of UK fanciers breed mognos, two of them being East Midlands CCBA members.

He explained: “Our committee members Mick Burke and Steve Wayte are a few of the only UK breeders with mognos so they, along with Geoff Young, the club’s secretary, are really looking forward to top German colour canary breeder Fritz Heiler judging.”

The attendance of Mr Heiler scores a first for any CCBA zone to engage a European judge.

Mr Braddock said: “Fritz has judged all over the world so to get him at our little event is quite a big thing. The East Midlands zone is stepping outside the box to give our members the best that we possibly can.

“UK judges have not had as much exposure to the mogno mutation, so with a highly regarded judge such as Fritz on board we expect an increase in entries.”

Mr Heiler confirmed his attendance to the show but due to current commitments was unavailable for further comment.

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