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Carves pictorial ideal honours 80th year of the Northern BS

IMG 30435A CARVING BASED on the Budgerigar Society’s (BS) pictorial of the ideal exhibition budgerigar has been commissioned for the Northern BS’s 80th celebration.

The bespoke wood carving of a light green budgerigar has been donated by fanciers Raymond & Jim Rogerson, from Longhorsley, Northumberland, and was created by their brother Denis Rogerson.

It will be presented to the winner of best young bird in show at the club’s 80th anniversary open show on September 16.

Top budgerigar breeders Raymond and Jim are both BS main panel judges, having been members of the BS for 54 years and the Northern BS for 52 years.

Raymond Rogerson told Cage & Aviary Birds: “We decided to donate the carving at a recent Northern BS council meeting when the members discussed putting on more special prizes for the 80th show.

“Both Jim and I wanted to offer the carving for best young bird because we felt it should go to the person who bred a winning young bird this year.”

Wood carver Denis does not keep birds. “But he carves and sculpts them,” explained his brother Raymond. He continued: “As a member of the British Decoy & Wildfowl Carvers Association, Denis has won prizes at many shows over the years for his carvings of British birds.”

This particular carving took about 50 hours of work to complete and paint to resemble a show budgerigar specimen.

Club chairman Adrian Richards has donated framed budgerigar pictures to be awarded to the young bird colour winners for the skyblue, cinnamon green and opaline blue series.

Mr Richards said: “I’ve had these prints for a while and saw fitting to offer them on a special occasion such as the club’s 80th show.

The three pictures have been signed by either Roy Aplin, the world-renowned wildlife artist, top international breeder and BS judge; and Geoff Capes, also an international breeder and BS judge.”

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