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Signed feather art set for parrot auction

Tidy-UpTHE WORLD PARROT Trust (WPT) has teamed up with artist Chris Maynard for an exclusive fundraiser: an auction of wildlife art in order to support parrot conservation.

Two original feather sculptures and 10 signed prints by Mr Maynard will be auctioned online from September 23 to October 1. A portion of the proceeds will support conservation efforts currently underway in Costa Rica, at WPT partner The Ara Project, to protect and restore populations of scarlet (Ara macao) and Endangered great green macaws (A. ambiguus).

Both species are at risk in the wild from habitat loss, trapping and hunting in some areas. The Ara Project aims to boost these rare macaws’ populations in the wild through captive breeding, nest monitoring and protection and releases.

American artist Mr Maynard, of Featherfolio, combines his scientific knowledge and love of feathers into his designs, which are crafted from naturally moulted parrot feathers. Species’ feathers used include blue-and-gold (A. ararauna) and red-and-green macaw (A. chloropterus), with tiny sun conure (Aratinga solstitialis) feathers used to finish the designs; along with feathers from African greys and Moluccan cockatoo (Cacatua moluccensis).

The feathers used are from private aviaries and zoos, and come from birds that are not endemic to the United States. Steve Milpacher, director of operations at the WPT, said: “We’ve tried to structure the auction to include an assortment of original pieces and photographic prints – both limited and open edition – so everybody has an opportunity to participate in and enjoy the artwork, while helping parrot conservation.”

● To follow the auction, visit: www.parrots.org/auction See more of Chris Maynard’s work at: www.Featherfolio.com

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