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Lovebird interest warrants section at Scottish show

06909200001-Agapornis-taranta---Abyssinian-LovebirdLOVEBIRDS CAN NOW be benched in their own section at Portknockie CBS’s open show this November.

This incentive, along with two new Gloster canary shields (see News, February 12), is aimed to boost entries at the November 19 show, held in Cullen, Scotland.

In previous years, only one class for lovebirds had been incorporated into the foreign bird section. However, after requests from fanciers to apply for lovebird patronage, the club decided to offer 14 classes and a new section as per Lovebird 1990 Society patronage.

Club publicity officer Sandy Hay explained: “After visiting various shows and talking to fanciers, we found that lovebirds were not being catered for very well so we decided to try and encourage more people to try lovebirds. There will be a £10 special for the best lovebird.”

Also new for the 2017 show are two shields that will be offered annually in the Gloster canary section: the George Storey Shield for best Gloster and the John Rae Shield for best novice Gloster.

Mr Storey’s former showing partner Norman Wallace will judge this section. He said: “Sandy has been a friend of George and myself for many years, and at George’s funeral last September Sandy kindly asked if I would judge this year’s show as they were putting on a trophy in George’s memory. “George used to attend the Portknockie CBS and Keith all-Gloster shows often. It is a great honour for him to be remembered in this way.”


PORTKNOCKIE CBS’s open show takes place on November 19 at Cullen Bowling & Tennis Club, Reidhaven Place, Cullen, Buckie AB56 4RN. Judges are: Norwich, British, new colour canaries, Colin Patterson; Glosters, Norman Wallace; Borders, Fifes, Lance Robson; Bengalese, foreign birds, lovebirds, budgerigars, Tom Broderick; zebra finches, Adam Fleming.
The entry closing date is November 15. Schedules are available from secretary Brian Shepherd, 9 Findlater Drive, Cullen AB56 4RW. Tel: 01542 840 179.

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