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Dedicated budgie club aims to fill the gap in central Scotland

West-Lothian--District-BS.-Secretary-Bill-Stott-left-and-chairman-John-NewallA SPECIALIST SCOTTISH budgerigar club is the first ever to launch in West Lothian, officials say.

In 2016, champion exhibitor John Newall, 45, of Armadale, posted an open invitation on Facebook, in a bid to seek the interest of local fanciers and to propose the new club’s formation. An informal meeting was held in January this year, and by the following month the first official meeting of the new West Lothian & District BS took place at Blackburn Community Centre.

Publicity officer David Fairholm explained: “In the past, West Lothian was well known as a mining area, and was littered with CBSes that had a main focus on canaries. Budgerigar clubs further afield each had their pros and cons, but none ticked all the boxes.”

The club has welcomed cash gifts to get it up and running, along with aid from the Budgerigar Society (BS). Mr Fairholm added: “BS administrator Grant Findlay kindly agreed to help us out with the initial formation at a later meeting, to explain patronage and club organisation.”

Despite only forming this year, West Lothian & District BS has been asked to support and run the budgerigar section at Blackburn CBS’s open show on December 2 at Blackburn Community Centre. Officials expect to see a minimum of 150 birds benched in the BS rosette patronage section, which it will use as a stepping stone to receiving bronze or silver patronage for its own independent show in 2018.

Secretary Bill Stott said: “One of the attractions of this new society is that meetings are held on Sunday evenings. A lot of clubs hold their meetings at the beginning or mid-week, which can limit attendance because people have other commitments.”

● For club updates, search “West Lothian And District Budgerigar Society” on Facebook.

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