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Novice follows up National win with second best in show in two weeks

IMG 9564A NOVICE COLOURED canary fancier who took best in section at October’s National Exhibition (NE), has continued his success by winning another best-in-show title 14 days later.

Steve Wayte from Coalville, Leicestershire, was awarded the top special by judge Simon Meredith in the NE’s coloured canary section on October 8 at Stafford for his intensive red black ivory hen. He then benched another supreme winner – an unflighted black white mogno – at the East Midlands CCBA zone show in Nottingham on October 22.

Mr Wayte said: "I moved into colour canaries four years ago and was advised to always buy birds from a proven breeder. This is what I have done, and since I started buying stock from top breeders and from Belgium my canaries have improved massively. 

"To win my section at the National Exhibition and then win at the East Midlands show has exceeded what I thought possible." 

This year marks the mogno canary's first UK show bench (see News, August 23 issue) with East Midlands CCBA being one of the first UK clubs to exhibit this new melanin mutation.

East Midlands CCBA zone chairman Robert Braddock explained: “It was good to have mogno expert Fritz Heiler judge at the show because this enabled our breeders to get vital feedback on any good points and bad points to help with this variety’s future progression and breeding. “Steve’s win was superb because he is a third year novice, which should inspire others.”

According to judge Mr Heiler, a perfect exhibition colour canary requires good type and feather, as well as excellent colour or melanin. He added: “Four birds that stood out to me were a black white mogno, brown white mogno, agate yellow inten- sive opal and a brown pastel intensive.”

Other major winners include Ivan Chapman, who took best exhibitor in show and best champion lipo- chrome; Bright & Luff won best champion melanin; best novice lipochrome went to Mark Higginson; and Karl Lewis took best junior.

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