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Benched exhibits stolen in night raid

1TRAGEDY HAS HIT a three-day bird show in the Netherlands, with the theft of more than half of the exhibits that had been booked in overnight.

Officials of the Birds Asso- ciation de Bastaarden (Vogelvereniging De Bastaarden) were forced to cancel the annual event in the Noord-Brabant town of Nuenen, where thieves escaped with 225 birds – mainly coloured and posture canaries, along with British and foreign birds.

The exhibits had been benched between 7-9pm on November 1, ahead of judging on November 2, ready for the show to welcome the public on November 3-5.

However, during the evening of November 1 brazen thieves broke a small window 1.5m off the ground to gain entry to the hall, and made their escape with not only birds, but the club’s trailer and 45 show cages. An additional five show display cages are also missing. It is believed that the stolen birds were passed out through the window and into carrying cage. The venue was fully alarmed, apart from the small window.

Empty cages had been left on the show benches, while others were thrown to the ground. targeted include Gouldian finches, siskins and song thrush, along with a variety of posture canaries, such as Razas, Borders, Fifes and Glosters.

More than 14 varieties of coloured canary are missing, including intensive and non-intensive red lipochrome, mosaic red brown, red isabels, yellow browns, yellow agate pastels, red agates, mosaic yellow topaz, white isabels and mosaic yellow black onyx. 

Secretary Lambert van Gelooven told Cage & Aviary Birds: “We thank people for their compassion; we are still trying to work out what has happened to our club. “There are no updates on the stolen birds but we believe they are no longer in Holland. Even though we are insured, the emotional damage is many times greater than what is being compensated.”

The club has urged members and fanciers overseas to keep an eye out for recently advertised birds under suspicious circumstances.

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