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LCA to launch trainee judging workshop in 2018

2014-11-09-14.20.47A SUCCESSFUL TRIAL of a new "Insight into judging" experience has encouraged the Lizard Canary Association (LCA) to add this free workshop to its 2018 Classic open show.

The aim is to give LCA members practice when judging their own Lizards and to strengthen the number of LCA panel judges.

On November 3, at this year's LCA Classic at Roade, Northampton, president Stan Bolton selected one of the four biggest classes – C3: broken cap gold cock – to be put forward for members to jduge, as part of the trial experience (see News, October 18). Next, judge Christ Jordan from Tamworth provided feedback on members' decisions.

Positive reactions to the experience, which saw 12 fanciers including non-Lizard exhibitors take part, has ensured the "Insight into judging" workshop will feature at next year's show. If there is sufficient interest, two classes will be offered to judge – one gold and one silver – to give a comparison between the feather types.

During the trial, members judged the chosen class in small groups and each fancier was handed a judging sheet to place the birds from 1-7.

Secretary David Allen explained: “C3 was first judged by Chris and then all the birds in that class, except for the winner, were taken into a side room away from the main show birds and placed on staging. The cages had not been marked by the judge. Instead we asked him to note cages numbers on his own paper work.”

He continued: “What we hope to achieve from this workshop is that a few of the more experienced Lizard breeders put themselves for- ward for training to be a panel judge. If they take part in this workshop, they can see for themselves that becoming a panel judge is not so daunting.”

According to chairman John Martin, constructive feedback from members praised the experience for tackling judges’ paperwork. He added: “There were no shortage of people wanting to go through this free training, and the feedback received was that participants found it informative.

“My thanks go to David Allen and Andy Williamson for thinking up the concept and putting it into practice.”

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