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Last plea to save Scottish National

In happier times: the 2008 Scottish National Exhibiton was a huge success in terms of entries and visitorsOfficials at the Scottish National CBS have announced that there will be no annual show this year. Following an AGM on March 25, the roles of secretary and treasurer still remain vacant.

Outgoing secretary Jim Dean said he was extremely saddened, but that with no one to arrange this year's show, it looks unlikely that it will take place in future years – unless a secretary comes forward. Mr Dean said: "The committee wants to appeal to fanciers not to let the Scottish National CBS die away after more than 100 years. We know that it can be a thankless task running any club, but without help it is the fanciers that will be affected. Enough clubs have folded, so please do not let the Scottish National be the next one."

After the disappointing response, Mr Dean said he is expecting a lot of angry members. He explained: "Most fanciers want a show, but very few put time and energy into running it. The complaints will no doubt come rolling in, but through wide-spread publicity it was intimated that if the posts were not filled, there would be no show."

Only 10 people attended the AGM, who were the same members present at the January meeting.

Mr Dean thanked Cage & Aviary Birds for its publicity after one fancier came forward. He said: "After the news story (February 22) Ian Irvine from Paisley offered his assistance on the day of the show and we thank him for this. But it is a poor reflection when you think how many people exhibit and attend the annual show that none of them could put themselves forward."

The society will continue to run a yearly sale with the help of the existing committee. Details are yet to be confirmed. Mr Dean added: "There is a future for the Scottish National CBS, but it needs the fanciers to realise that without assistance the show will not happen."

● If you can help the Scottish National CBS, please contact Jim Dean. Tel: 0131 453 3080.

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