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Budgie fanciers prepare for highlight of the show calendar

Beginner Jon Ashby, who won at last year’s show, said: ‘The BS Club Show lets you see what the competition level is like in each category’AS THE COUNTDOWN begins for the biggest budgerigar show in the UK, exhibitors say fanciers who don’t enter their birds in time will face bitter disappointment. The Budgerigar Society (BS) Club Show welcomes more than 1,200 visitors and sees about 2,500 exhibition budgerigars benched from all over the world. Beginner Jon Ashby, 38, from Watford, exhibited at the BS Club Show for the first time in 2012, where his yellowface young bird won its class. This year he plans to bench more birds. He explained: “Until you go to the Club Show, you won’t believe the size of it. It’s the place to be if you want to advance your knowledge of the hobby.

Beginners will only learn how to improve their stock if they pitch their birds against others. Some of my friends who missed out entering last year’s show were gutted.” Novice exhibitor Ian Ward, who shows in partnership with Michelle Rogers, first exhibited at the Club Show in 2008. According to Mr Ward, first-time exhibitors shouldn’t be nervous when thinking about entering their birds. He said: “When we started out we were very raw beginners, but don’t worry about the quality of birds you enter. You never know how they will perform in front of judges. The adrenaline of knowing you have one chance on one day of the year is fantastic.”

At this year’s event, fanciers who bench 15 or more birds will receive a free entry to the show on the Sunday. Chris Snell, a champion exhibitor who’ll be judging the normal light greens, added: “If you want to try and be the best, why not compete with the best?” The show will be held at the Dome in Doncaster, on November 16-17. Entries are accepted until November 5.  Turn to Club News on page 21 for entry information.

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